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Serving the State of Michigan for Over 30 Years

House of Representatives Office Building

Immense, challenging, and progressive are only a few words that can describe the project at the Legislative Office Building, in Lansing, Michigan. The building consisted of two towers, one 14 stories and the other 11 stories high. The 1200 locations, were comprised of 3 Gigaspeed and 1 CAT5 cable. With approximately 1/4 of these in a zone topology, the design will be able to accomodate the buildings needs for the present, as well as, far into the 21st Century.

The 25 Telecommunications Closets were connected by 3200 pairs of Copper Riser Cable for voice applications. Approximately 900,000 feet of horizontal cable was installed, terminated and tested. The installation, which was held to stringent timelines and standards, was completed in October of 1999 and Systimax Certified in the same month.

Tele-com Closet, Data Rack


Here you can see an example of a simpler data rack and patch panel system. This closet feeds a single floor in one tower of the building. The system was designed for optimal network control and management. At the time that this photo was taken there were no routers or servers installed and so the rack looks rather empty. Notice, however, that the patch panel retains ample space for future expansions of the network grid covered by this rack. Expandability is one feature that is almost always designed into a network cabling project.

Voice Distribution


Pictured here is a voice distribution field in one of the telecommunications closets. The station cables are terminated on 110 series termination blocks and pathed into the closet on suspended cable tray. The main voice feed is supplied by a 50 pair ARMM grounded and shielded cable, notice the large black splice case. Data network connectivity is achieved on a fiber optic pathway running throughout the building and feed from the main telecommunications closet. The overall build of this network installation ensures a high-speed and effective communications infrastructure for state legislators well into the twenty-first century.

Voice Distribution Interchange


The building infrastructure provided WTC techs with a challenge on this project. As part of a creative distribution design, WTC techs installed several of these ceiling access voice panels. This solution is an excellent example of the ingenuity displayed by WTC staff on a regular basis and is indicative of the creativity possessed by our teams.