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Serving the State of Michigan for Over 30 Years

Technical Services

WTC specializes in design and layout, installation, termination, splicing, testing, and technical support for a wide array of Telecommunications pathways.

Our technicians are trained to ANSI EIA/TIA standard and supported by top of the line equipment and field managers. WTC Project Managers, while experienced, are kept up to date on Industry Standards and Practices through regular training seminars hosted by many of the telecommunications industry leaders such as BICSI, Commscope Systems, Hubbel, ADC and Corning Cabling Solutions.

Fiber Termination


WTC fiber techs are certified to install and terminate delicate fiber optic strands. They are experienced, organized and efficient, resulting in a lower damage rate and top quality network connections.

OTDR Testing


WTC fiber techs are trained to utilize numerous testing devices to ensure that fiber optic installations and terminations are proper and functioning at optimum levels. Here you see a fiber tech utilizing a Optical Time Domain Reflectometer.

Fiber Splicing


Fusion splicers are utilized to connect mulitple reels of fiber in a wide area network consisting of miles of cable.

WTC has self-contained vans and trailers equiped with all the equipment required to repair cable located in remote areas.