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Steelcase Corporation :



The Steelcase Corporation is an office furniture manufacturer based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. In September of 1999, WTC began the Structured Cabling System for their new Learning Center. The state of the art facility required a state of the art cabling design, utilizing an intricate Raised Floor system, feeding 250 locations from 2 Telecommunications closets. The closets are connected by a 200 pair copper voice cable, and 12 strands of LGBC fiber optic cable. The building in total has 855 data ports and 246 voice ports all run on Category 5 cable.

In addition to the installation of new cable, WTC provides Steelcase with: Dedicated onsite technicians, and 24 hour cable protection and emergency service for over 20 miles of cable throughout the Grand Rapids area.

Floor Boxes


Here you can see one of the many floor boxes scattered throughout the Learning Center. This system of distribution is cleaner and less prone to damage than an overhead style installation. Power and communications ports are located together in these boxes for user convenience. All aspects of this style installation are in accordance with ANSI EIA/TIA standards and should be effective for many years to come.

Voice Wall Field


This photo shows a closet voice cable distribution and termination. Voice cable terminations are on 110 series termination blocks. The backbone cables extending phone service to this closet are 50 pair ARMM that are grounded at both ends for protection. Voice station cables are CAT5 data cables. This allows a wider array of available high-bandwidth voice applications to be utilized. Also note the 12 strand LGBC fiber cable in the upper right-hand corner. Fiber is utilized extensively throughout the Steelcase campus.

Data Rack & Cable Management


Here you can see the back-side of the free-standing data rack system. The station cables are supported by d-rings and secured using velcro. This style of management ensures a long life for station cables. The aluminum racks are fully grounded and maintain adequate space for servers, routers, and network expansion. This rack is fed by a 12 strand LGBC fiber optic cable, connecting this system to the greater Steelcase campus.

Floor Tray Access

'Steelcase: Floor Tray Access'

This is a picture of one of many floor tray access panels. A distribution system of this type offers many benefits including greater hardware protection, end-user convenience, and easier expandability. Notice that all power cables are encased guaranteeing that there is no interference.