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Serving the State of Michigan for Over 30 Years

Canfield Family Independence Agency

In April of 1998, the design team at WTC submitted a Design Win for the Canfield Family Independence Agency in Detroit. It offered some interesting as well as challenging engineering problems, with over 400 1 voice/2 data locations terminating in 1 central Telecommunications Closet. It all began with the design and installation of 300 feet of B-Line Center-rail. leading out from 5 equipment racks. The Western Tel-Com team coordinated directly with facilities management to insure that our design did not interfere with any HVAC or Electrical installation.

The building required over 300,000 feet of cable, sixteen 48 port patch panels, and totaled over 2,400 terminations. The project required over 150 hours of testing, with a report of individual results provided at completion. The inspection for the Systimax Certification was done in November of 1998. The 20 year Warranty certificate was presented to the Canfield FIA administrative supervisor on the day of the buildings grand opening.

Data Patch Panel Termination


While today's data cables are resilient and less prone to damage than predecessors, it is still of great importance that cables be managed, secured, and terminated properly. All WTC technicians are taught to manage cables effectively, working the cable into a natural flow right up to the point of termination. While many telecommunications companies are satisfied with simply meeting ASNI EIA/TIA standards for termination, WTC technicians are continuously prompted to achieve higher levels of skill culminating in not only a superior patch panel termination but also a more professional end result.

Multi-Rack Patch Panel System


As outlined in the State of Michigan Master Contract, WTC utilized color-coded cable installations for all State of Michigan projects. Here you can see a photo revealing the rear of a multi-rack system. The body of the incoming cables was supported by a ladder-rack, allowing for efficient distribution of station cables to their proper patch panels. Notice the smooth and symmetrical flow of the station cables as they are distributed down into the patch panel termination modules.

Voice Field


All of the 400 voice cables distributed throughout the building come back to this field of 110 termination blocks. The cables are managed using d-rings that are secured to the fire-treated plywood backer-board. Notice the blue color-coded marking strips in the 110 blocks. While certainly not an exciting feature, it is a powerful example of WTC's commitment to finishing a project to completion, and to meeting the exacting standards practiced by the State of Michigan Inspectors.

Multi-Rack Data System


This is a wider angle shot of the data rack system in the TC and gives a better view of the overall design utilized on this project. Notice that the end rack contains no patch panels at all. This end rack was installed to support a fiber termination shelf and other networking hardware that utilizes the patch panel system next to it. It should be noted that WTC was in no way responsible for the patch cord management on the front end of these patch panels.