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Serving the State of Michigan for Over 30 Years

Fiber Optic Network Applications

WTC is well-verse in a wide variety of Fiber Optic cable applications. Whether you are adding your first fiber line or extending your corpora campus network, WTC can be trusted to complete your project in a timely, safe, and professional manner. WTC stocks a large supple of Fiber Optic cable types and assorted hardware for customer convenience and expedient service response.

  • Indoor & Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable
  • Multimode & SingleMode Types
  • 6 to 72 Strand Cables
WTC stocked hardware includes LIU's for wall mounting, Fiber Shelves for rack mounting, Fiber Shelves for rack mounting, various termination connectors and top-of-the-line Fiber Technician kits.
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Voice, Data & Paging Applications

Western Tel-Com has installed hundreds of miles of voice, data, and paging cable in numerous companies across the state of Michigan. Whether you require an additional line added to an existing system or an entire communications network designed and installed, WTC staff can be counted on to deliver quality installations.

  • CAT3, CAT5e, CAT6 Cable
  • UTP & SCTP Types
  • Assorted Termination Hardware

WTC stocked hardware includes 110 and 66 style voice blocks, assorted patch panels, wall-mounted racks, free-standing racks, enclosed cabinets, and a wide assortment of jacks, faceplates, and specialized boxes.

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Copper & Coaxial Cable Applications

Western Tel-Com installs miles of large-pair copper cables and thousands of feet of coaxial cable every year. Whether these cables are to be used as system back bones, vertical risers, or station cables, WTC has designed and installed every type and style. We can extend existing systems, upgrade old systems, and even design new advanced systems for any size organization.

  • Indoor & Outdoor Cable
  • High-pair-count Voice Cables
  • Various Coaxial Cable Types

WTC stocked hardware includes splice cases, splice wafers, protection units, f-connectors, and other termination hardware.

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Network Consulting & Design

WTC can assist companies even while their network is in conceptual development. In several cases we have been asked to help set up and configure communications networks for customers who lack the personnel and knowledge. WTC has seized up on this and now offers a Network Consulting service to existing and new customers. Our extensive communications background gives WTC technicians a unique insight to communications network management.

  • Set Up
  • Configuration
  • Troubleshooting
WTC offers this service as a convenience for its customers. This particular service is highly personalize and we request that you contact us to set up an onsite consultation.
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